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About us

Thanks for your curiosity in finding out more about us! We are Singaporeans, happy to share our hotel experiences and we hope to bring you these through this website and our YouTube channel. Do drop us a direct message or email if you have any comments, questions or collaboration opportunities and we'll be pleased to answer them. Thanks and happy reading!


Connect with us:

Instagram: @wanderfulboys


Youtube: Coming soon!

Hello, I'm Ismail and I'm a full time graduate student and a travel writer at leisure who is based in Singapore. I had set up this website to share some of my hotel experiences which include accommodations, afternoon teas and dining. This website will be hotel-centric so it's going to be pretty specific and I hope that it will not only be informative but also build your interest in realising some of the best experiences hotels can offer. I must warn you though that after reading a few of these posts, you might be tempted to splurge!

You can find me on instagram @ismailxyz and feel free to contact me directly if there's something you'd like to ask me.

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Hey there! I'm Prince. Yes, Prince is my name, not a title.

Having worked in the travel industry so many years, traveling is something very close to my heart. Travel is like adding stories into your life story book. How many pages have you already written?

You can find me on instagram @realunofficialprince and feel free to contact me directly if there's something you'd like to ask me.


All things hotel. Review. Singapore
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