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Afternoon Tea Review: Andaz Singapore

Keywords: Afternoon tea - Pink - Local Inspired - Tiffin Carriers - Classy

Month of visit: October 2020

Youtube video review: Andaz Singapore Pink Afternoon Tea | Review

Pink afternoon tea at Andaz Singapore.

The Andaz Singapore’s Pink afternoon tea has a specially curated menu running parallel with the annual breast cancer awareness month. Served in their classic and adorable tiffin carriers, this afternoon tea is located at Alley on 25 and costs $48 plus taxes per person. For an elevated experience, a flute of Delamotte champagne and Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose will cost $22 and $33 more respectively. This afternoon tea runs daily between 3-5PM and advanced reservation is recommended.

Tip: At present, a one-for-one deal is available for HSBC credit-card holders for afternoon tea at Alley on 25.

Pink afternoon tea menu at Alley on 25, Andaz Singapore.

The venue, 25 floors above ground level, is a trendy and modern restaurant, with views of the lush greenery of the pool deck of the hotel and the surrounding city area. This specially curated afternoon tea menu includes a good range of sweet and savoury delights, accompanied by coffee or a fine selection of TWG tea that is free-flow throughout the afternoon.

Bright and classy venue and free-flow beverages throughout the afternoon.

After being ushered to our table, we were presented with two menus; the afternoon tea menu and beverage menu. However, the afternoon tea menu was fixed. The tea selections by TWG were extensive, ranging from green teas to red teas. Alternatively, coffee options were also available. Not long after making our beverage choices known, we were served one rose scone per guest in a scone basket. This homemade recipe scone was quite simply amazing. It was mildly moist and extremely flavourful. While clotted cream and strawberry jam were provided, we thoroughly enjoyed the scone without these options.

One of the finest scones we have had in recent times.

Soon after our scones and beverages were served, our sweet and savoury items were brought over in an oversized picnic basket. The basket contained our food items in adorable tiffin carriers, two types of food per carrier. While the presentation was unique, it was not easy to take a good photo of or with the afternoon tea set! Nonetheless, each and every one of the food items were aesthetically pleasing and overall the pink theme was very satisfying.

Pink afternoon tea set at Andaz Singapore.

There were a total of four savoury items. The first was a lobster tartlet which was mildly spicy and creamy. It was delicious but we couldn't taste the lobster chunks. The second was a pink pepper crab vol-au-vent which was somewhat like a hollow puff pastry. The third was beetroot hummus crostini and the fourth, taramasalata, which was a Greek maze made from cured roe of the cod, both giving the Mediterranean twist to this afternoon tea.

The four savoury items served in two separate tiffin carriers.

There were six sweet items on the menu of this afternoon tea (excluding the rose scone). In one tiffin carrier, there was a raspberry beignet and a strawberry Swiss roll. The raspberry beignet was analogous to a doughnut, but a tad bit lighter and airy while the Swiss role was soft and moist. In the second tiffin carrier, a bandung panna cotta was presented in a short glass and was unique as well as an interesting take of a panna cotta. This was accompanied with a pink chocolate lamington which was a butter cake dipped in chocolate and drizzled with desiccated coconut. In the final tiffin carrier, two small slices of red velvet cake and lychee rose cake wrapped up the afternoon tea nicely.

Sweet selections during the afternoon tea.

While the afternoon tea hours were between 3-5PM, most of the guests remained in the venue till almost 6PM, relaxing and enjoying the afternoon with friends and family. One drink that was recommended to us at the end of the afternoon tea was their signature TWG blend iced tea which was really refreshing and cleansed our palate. We would definitely recommend this to end your high tea.

Concluding remarks: To be honest, the price was pretty steep for an afternoon tea given that there are many competing afternoon tea sets in town. However, with smart discounts like credit-card promotions and flash sale vouchers, this afternoon tea set can become affordable. While the presentation is unique, it's not as aesthetically pleasing as compared to a traditional multi-tier platter or cage. However, it must be said that each and every one of the items were delicious with some bold twists to a traditional afternoon tea. If you're able to pick up a discount like us, this afternoon tea will really be worth the money and we would recommend it to you.

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