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Afternoon Tea Review: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

Keywords: Afternoon tea - English - Three-tier stand - Elegant - Natural sunlight

Month of visit: September 2020

Afternoon tea at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza.

Situated in the heart of the bustling Orchard road, the Lobby Lounge at the Singapore Marriott Tang plaza is uncharacteristically slow paced, ideal for an afternoon tea. The English afternoon high tea package is available every Friday to Sunday, between 2pm to 5pm. The Lobby Lounge is located in the center of the hotel lobby, which makes it occasionally busy as guests and hotel staff periodically parade up and down the lobby. One pleasant feature is the high ceilings with a window on top to allow natural sunlight to enter. As the seating in the Lobby Lounge is limited, guests may be directed to the Marriott café to have their afternoon tea there.

Tip: Come early or reserve a seat at the Lobby Lounge instead of the Marriott cafe for a better dining experience.

This traditional English afternoon tea menu includes bite-sized savoury and sweet items and comes with a selection of teas by TWG or free-flow coffee. This package is priced at $38++. For an elevated afternoon tea experience, guests can opt for a glass of Henriot Brut champagne for an addition $20++.

The lobby lounge within Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza hotel.

After being seated, we were given a tea menu to select our choice of tea. The selection is somewhat limited as compared to other Afternoon teas. We were also verbally informed of the coffee options available which were black coffee, latte, cappuccino and flat white.

Fine tea menu by TWG for the afternoon tea .

Not too long after making our choice of beverage known, we were served a welcome drink, which was an iced tea served in a flute glass. Shortly after, our champagne was brought to us. The Henriot Brut champagne was dry and had a nice and smooth texture.

Welcome drink and champagne during the afternoon tea.

After forty minutes of waiting, our food items finally arrived. They were presented on plates encapsulated by a three-tiered stainless steel cage. The food items were cluttered together and to be honest, a little messy. Most of the food were in contact with another and it can be unfavourable if you are allergic or have a dietary restriction against a particular food. On the contrary, this presentation makes it appear like there is a generous portioning of food.

A three-tier stainless steel cage housing finger-sized bites.

There were only three savoury items in this presentation. The first was a delectable sauteed mushroom quiche that was flavourful and crunchy. The second was a cucumber and dill Greek yoghurt sandwich that was simple and underwhelming. The third was a prosciutto and basil tomato sandwich which was satisfying but not extraordinary.

Savoury selections during the afternoon tea.

Part of the sweet selections included a raisin scone with fresh cream and apricot jam. The scone was delightful, with a good degree of moisture and taste. The only thing that was regrettable was that there was only one scone per person. The other item was a mini sugar donut and in contrast to the scone, there was little to rave about.

A plate of raisin scone, mushroom quiche and mini sugar donut.

The dessert platter was colourful and exciting. It included a red velvet cupcake topped with raspberry and lychee cream. The cupcake was soft and the sweet cream greatly enhanced the cupcake. There was also a salted caramelised rocher which was a milk chocolate dome with a hollow filling on top of a biscuit spread with cream. This nutty treat was easily the best item in the afternoon tea. Finally, there was also a brandy dark chocolate cake with cream which wasn’t bad.

Dessert selections during the afternoon tea.

Concluding remarks: The afternoon tea at the Singapore Marriott Tang plaza was certainly an enjoyable experience. The ambiance in the middle of the lobby was interesting where there was a balance of tranquility from the bustling Orchard road and the occasional sight of people navigating the lobby. The food items were mostly good although the presentation can be improved and the waiting time should be reduced.

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