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Afternoon Tea Review: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Keywords: Afternoon tea - Purple - International Women's Day - The Courtyard

Month of visit: March 2021

IGTV video: Purple Afternoon Tea | The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Purple Afternoon Tea set at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

A limited time Purple Afternoon Tea menu at Fullerton Hotel Singapore is currently ongoing for the entire month of March 2021. This menu was created to mark the International Women's Day on March 8. For other similar themed high tea sets, you may check out our blog post here.

The sweet and savoury items will be served in a traditional 3-tier stand. Beverages, savoury items and scones are refillable so you can eat all you can. This afternoon tea costs $51++ per person on weekdays and $56 ++ on weekends. A further supplement can be paid to enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to compliment the afternoon tea. Guests can enjoy 15% off weekday afternoon tea sets by pre-purchasing vouchers here. For each afternoon tea set purchased, $5 will be donated to United Women Singapore which aims to advance gender equality and women's empowerment. For dietary requirements, it is best to inform the hotel at least 2 days before the booking date.

Afternoon tea menu.

The afternoon tea can be enjoyed at The Courtyard, within the grounds of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. The Courtyard is situated at the sunlit atrium lobby of the hotel which has high ceilings and a lively setting. We were swiftly ushered to our table soon after arriving.

The Courtyard, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

We were informed that the afternoon tea set would be served shortly and that all we had to do was make our beverage choices known to them. The beverage was free flow and there was an extensive selection of TWG teas and Fullerton Blend coffee. Our cappuccino came with a latte art of the Fullerton bear!

Coffee and tea served during the afternoon tea.

Not long later, our sweet and savoury items were brought over in a three-tier stand. Additional items that could not be squeezed into this stand were brought over in glass plates. The lowest and highest tier were occupied by the sweet items which could not be replenished. All the other food items were free-flow.

The afternoon tea set came in a three-tier stand and plates.

All the items reviewed in this segment were free-flow. There were two kinds of scones; plain and raisin. The scones had a good texture to it and was not very dry. It's recommended to start with the scones while they're still warm. The scones were accompanied by clotted cream and strawberry jam. A delightful cold dish served was the red potato salad topped with quail egg. We thoroughly enjoyed the smoked chicken tartlet and duck rillettes served in a sesame cone. Both meats were juicy and the items had a crunchy texture due to the tartlet and cone respectively. Three kinds of sandwiches were served, one, a smoked salmon slice on a beetroot bagel, the second, a cucumber wholemeal sandwich and the other, a tiger prawn sandwich.

Scones and savoury items were free-flow.

All the items reviewed in this segment were served once only. The vanilla elderberry macarons were sweet and crunchy and had "International Women's Day" icing on top which was nice. Also aesthetically pleasing, the blackberries sakura tart capped with cream was one of our favourites. The muffin served was soft and not too sweet. On the top, there was cream and blackcurrant jam for added sweetness. We enjoyed the blueberry financier which was a small, French almond cake topped with cream and a blueberry. Also in the dessert menu was the violet choux, which was akin to a puff pastry although we could not figure out what the filling was. Finally, the lavender opera cake was very soft and flavourful.

Sweet items of the afternoon tea set were served only once.

It is worth mentioning that the service was prompt and professional. We did not have to wait long for anything as throughout the afternoon tea, a service crew went on rounds to replenish the food items at our table. The staff occasionally checked on us to see if we were doing fine which to some may appear excessive and bothersome. Since the afternoon tea coincides with the their Happy Hour, selected house pours were going for just $10.

Concluding remarks: Priced from $51++, this was an afternoon tea set that we found value for money simply because it was almost all-you-can-eat. The food items were of a high quality and the ambiance was just perfect for an English afternoon tea.


The Courtyard, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore


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