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Afternoon Tea Review: The St. Regis Singapore

Keywords: Afternoon tea - English - Opulent - Fozza chocolate

Month of visit: November 2021

Afternoon tea at The St. Regis Singapore.

English afternoon tea at The St Regis Singapore is often enjoyed at Brasserie Les Saveurs. On this occassion however, we decided to order-in this high tea set to our Caroline Astor suite. This Afternoon Tea is an extremely popular choice especially on weekends and booking will need to be made in advanced.

During our visit, a collaboration with local chocolate artisan, Fossa Chocolate presented diners with a very special chocolate themed afternoon tea. This specially curated afternoon tea menu includes a good range of sweet and savoury delights, accompanied by handcrafted coffee or a fine selection of TWG tea. For an optional supplement, diners can indulge in a glass (or two) of Barons de Rothschild Brut NV Champagne. The price for the afternoon tea is $48++ per person on weekdays and $55++ on weekends with a cup of handcrafted coffee or a pot of tea. For those who wish to enjoy a glass of champagne, the price would be $25 more. This seasonal menu ends on 21 November.

In-house guests can enjoy the high tea from the comfort of their lavish rooms.

The set was brought to our suite at the requested time on a trolley table. The afternoon tea menu is fixed so we only had to decide if we wish to pair the afternoon tea experience with champagne. There is a wide array of TWG tea selections to choose from. If tea isn't to your liking, there are handcrafted coffees available such as cafe latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, macchiato and affogato. The St. Regis Singapore blend was recommended to us as it is a unique blend of green tea and black tea that's only available there. The tea was truly exceptional; a naturally sweet floral infused tea with a tinge of white chocolate. The quantity of tea leaves was generous, with the concentration of tea remaining relatively high even after five refills.  

Afternoon tea menu and fine tea selections at the St. Regis Singapore.

It's always a great idea to start an English afternoon tea with scones. The scones basket comes with one regular scone and one raisin scone per diner. These scones can be enjoyed with clotted cream, strawberry jam and chocolate spread.

A scones basket.

Four savoury items were presented on a rectangular plate. If you are familiar with St Regis' Aperitivo hour (evening canapés for suite and Elite guests), these items might look familiar to you. The truffle egg mayo sandwich was very flavourful and the foie grass mousse tartlet had a unique twist with spicy peanut and chocolate toppings. The other two items were a smoked salmon roll with salmon roe and a vegetarian pancake.

A rectangular tray presenting the savoury items.

A mixture of savoury and sweet flavours is a mushroom chawanmushi soup with shaved chocolate. This was quite an exotic dish and our tastebuds were shocked in a pleasant way.

An exotic mushroom chawanmushi soup.

The highlight of this chocolate themed afternoon tea is arguably the desserts. The sweet treats were presented in a three-tier stand comprising of chocolate rich items.

A three-tier presentation for the sweet treats.

A good variety of sweet items were showcased ranging from your typical chocolate pralines and milk chocolate to less typical berriolette financier with a unique texture. We enjoyed their chocolate sable which was similar to a cookie and the macarons.

The sweet items on the menu were the highlight of the afternoon tea.

We ended the afternoon tea with a Dark Mana Chocolate Mousse with shaved St Regis Tea Blend Fossa chocolate. This item was rich and creamy and we liked it very much.

Chocolate mousse to wrap up the afternoon tea.

Concluding remarks: Afternoon tea at St. Regis was always going to be an extravagant affair. Even with high expectations, the high tea set did not disappoint. The collaboration with Fossa chocolate gave a unique dimension to the typical English afternoon tea served here and the desserts were all on point. The savoury and sweet mushroom chawanmushi soup deserves commendation. An improvement that can be made is the alteration of the savoury menu to fit the chocolate theme. Nonetheless, its worth trying this afternoon tea set before it gets replaced after 21 November.

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