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Hotel Review: M Social Singapore (Premier Loft Room)

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Month of visit: September 2020

The premier loft room at the M Social Singapore.

The M Social Singapore is one of the trendiest hotels in the city with a contemporary design and is often booked by youngsters and those young at heart. It is quite common to see a birthday celebration or even a wedding proposal in one of these rooms on a typical weekend. M Social Singapore is part of the Millennium Hotels and Resorts with several properties along the Robertson Quay area.

The hotel has five room categories to choose from, two of which are regular rooms while the other three are loft style rooms with a mezzanine floor. The room that we booked was a premier loft room with the living space on the main level and the bedroom on the mezzanine floor.

The check-in time was fixed at 2PM for everyone and this is unlike most hotels during the post-COVID era which staggers arrival times of guests. As such, we anticipated a long waiting time at check-n. True enough, we were greeted with an extremely long line as we arrive at 2PM. It took about forty minutes for us to get to the front of the line, after which we were told our room was not ready.

Tip: Arrive slightly before the check-in time to avoid the long lines.

Check-in situation at the M Social Singapore.

To make up for it, we were presented with two drink vouchers to be consumed at their in-house restaurant, Beast and Butterflies. The drink vouchers entitled us to two drinks from a wide selection of choices which includes coffee, tea, red or white wines and various non-alcoholic beverages like smoothies and mocktails. About twenty minutes later, we received a call informing us that our room was finally ready.

Welcome drinks as we waited for our room.

Premier Loft Room

Our room was on the third floor and we were greeted with a relatively narrow carpeted passageway as we stepped out of the elevator. The carpet had a wavy line design that is almost superimposed to the design of the lights above.

The premier loft room is 22 squared meters in size and isn't the largest room you'll find in the city. Nonetheless smart designs such as hidden storage spaces, television attached to an adjustable arm mount, many glass panels and floor to ceiling windows which allowed abundance of natural light made the room seem a lot bigger. The room was covered with thick carpet with a contemporary and vibrant design and was well furnished.

Overview of the premier loft room.

The bathroom was immediately to our right as we entered the room. The toilet had a glass door and panels held together by steel frames. Space is a premium in the bathroom with little space to manoeuvre. The bathroom can be divided into two parts, the first would be the toilet seat area and the second, a showering area. The showering area had  rain shower-head as well as a hand-held shower head. Bathroom amenities such as shower gel, shampoo and conditioner were provided by the Millennium hotels brand. There are privacy blinds which you can control from within the bathroom if you do not wish to be seen from the outside although doing so may make you feel confined in a small space. 

Bathroom of the premier loft room.

The basin is located outside this bathroom space, in the common area and literally underneath the flight of stairs to the bedroom. The mirror is framed in an illuminated panel which gives a warm glowing effect. Standard amenities were provided such as dental and shaving kits, hand soap and moisturiser. Plastic cups were also provided if you brought your own toiletries.  

Basin and standard amenities located under the stairs.

The minibar area can be found adjacent to the basin. The minibar items were unavailable during our stay. However, a Nespresso machine with four capsules together with a selection of teas from Raffles Lighthouse were provided. An electric kettle was also available. Two complimentary bottles of drinking water can be found in the refrigerator which was otherwise empty.  

Minibar area with a Nespresso machine and selection of teas.

On the other side of the basin, an open concept wardrobe allows guests to hang their clothes. Two bathrobes from Millennium hotels and two pairs of bedroom slippers can be found here as well.

Open concept wardrobe with bathrobes and bedroom slippers.

The living space was situated in the deepest part of the room, close to the floor to ceiling windows which gave the room ample sunlight. The décor of the living space was vibrant and modern, with a three-seater leather sofa positioned perpendicular to a flat screen television mounted on an extendable arm. A small stool carved from wood was placed under the television. The wall behind the television had a mirror panel which extended from the floor all the way to the ceiling. This gave the room a spacious and warm feel.

Living space of the premier loft room.

In between the living space and the bathroom is the work area. Here, you will find two wooden angular tables, one of which is smaller and can be kept under the bigger table. The smaller table can be moved to any part of the room. On the table, there is a Singapore guidebook, summarising various attractions in Singapore, writing materials, television remote control and a telephone to call for services.

Working desk and movable table below.

If you are wondering about where the storage spaces are, they are hidden and can be opened like a drawer. On top of storage space, a large safe and a hairdryer is stored here. This smart design keeps things out of sight so you can have more space to move around the room.

Storage spaces, a large built in safe and a hairdryer.

The premier loft room has the sleeping area on the mezzanine floor. To get to this level, a steep wooden staircase with mirror panels connects the lower floor to the upper floor where a double bed is situated. This floor is actually very small and there isn’t much room to move about. There is a small storage compartment on either side of the bed together with a power point to charge your mobile device. This floor overlooks the main level where you can get a nice photo opportunity.

Tip: As the stairs are steep and have sharp edges, exercise caution when climbing up and down.

Staircase which leads to the sleeping area on the mezzanine floor.

The lights and air-conditioning controls are scattered all over the room, which can be inconvenient if you are on a certain floor. It might also take some time for you to be familiarised with the different controls. There are also numerous concealed power points for your convenience.

Lights, air-conditioning control panels and power points.


The hotel has a small pool and fitness centre for guests to utilise during their stay. While the pool may not be long enough to do laps, it certainly isn’t a bad idea to have a relaxing dip. The fitness centre has basic equipment for your workout.

Swimming pool at the M Social Singapore.

Breakfast at Beast and Butterflies

Breakfast was held at the Beast and Butterflies. During the pandemic, the buffet line was closed and instead, food was served directly to our table. We were given an order chit to select from a variety of options from American to local breakfast. A few coffee, tea and juice selections were also available.

Breakfast at the Beast and Butterflies.

In truth, the breakfast was adequate albeit basic. The service wasn’t fast either even though there were only a few diners. Nonetheless, the ambiance is calming and makes for a good start to the day.

Breakfast at the Beast and Butterflies.

Concluding remarks: The contemporary interior and unique loft concept make it unsurprising that this hotel is popular among the younger age group. Our room most definitely exceeded expectations not only in terms of the decor but also the smart designs to make a small floor size appear large. The downside was the hour-long check in process which is unacceptable for any large hotel chain. The breakfast was quite average and guests can consider opting out and go for other options in one of the many cafes around.

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