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Hotel Review: Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore (Studio Deluxe King)

Keywords: Hotel - Room review - Downtown - Serviced apartment

Month of visit: November 2021

Youtube video review:Studio Deluxe King (Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore) | Hotel Review

Oakwood Premier AMTD is situated in downtown Singapore, just five minutes away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. This property is a modern hotel and serviced apartment that is suitable for both short staycations and longer stays.

Hotel facade.

As the hotel sits above OUE Downtown complex (which houses a shopping mall and offices), access to the hotel can only be achieved through a lift lobby from within the complex on the ground floor.

Ground floor entrance.

The lobby of the hotel was placed on the seventh floor together with their in-house "SE7ENTH" restaurant, a small bar and a beautiful pool deck. The lobby area had high floor-to-ceiling glass windows and modern chandeliers which look superb during the night.

Lobby of the hotel.

Common areas heading to guest rooms had an overall dark-wood theme with moderate lighting.

Lift lobby and corridor leading to our room.

Studio Deluxe King Room

Do check out this well-appointed room in our immersive 360-degree room tour below.

360-degree room tour of the room.

The Studio Deluxe king room was of a good size at about 28-32 sqm. It had a very homely feel with wooden floorings and furnishings throughout the guest room. Immediately upon entering the room, a kitchenette greeted us.

Entrance of the Studio Deluxe King room.

This kitchenette was a very functional space equipped with a microwave, a sink as well as a coffee machine. A mini-fridge was hidden in one of the cabinets below.

Kitchenette and complimentary coffee and tea.

Adjacent to the kitchenette were the wardrobes. This was where most of the bedroom amenities were found. Together with the standard amenities, a bread toaster was also spotted.

Wardrobe area.

Continuing past the wardrobe area was the main bedroom itself. This was where the bed as well as a small dining area could be found.

Main bedroom area.

The dining space was good for two or three adults and was rather cosy. Having this space can be useful and most hotels do not have a dining table in their entry level rooms.

Small dining area.

A work desk was situated directly in front of the bed and this was also where the television was mounted on the wall. There were plenty of storage spaces here. To display your laptop screen onto the television, you may connect your HDMI cable to a HDMI port at the work desk area.

Work desk and television.

The "king-sized bed" was in actual fact two double beds joined together. As such, it was not very comfortable with the partition in the middle.

Two double beds joined together.

The bedside tables were simple, with light switches and a telephone on one side of the bed. Fortunately, power sockets were available on both sides for our charging needs.

Simple bedside tables.

On the dining table, a welcome note as well as information regarding our stay were provided together with two complimentary bottled water.

Information regarding our stay and complimentary bottled water.

The bathroom was situated in the forward part of the room and was separated into a dry and wet area. One aspect that we liked about the bathroom was that it was bright due to the glass windows.


Standard bathroom amenities were provided and while not luxurious, it was useable.

Bathroom amenities.

The bathroom had a smart glass which could be frosted by a flick of a switch. This was rather interesting as we had not seen something like this before.

Frosted privacy glass.


This property has a beautiful infinity pool on the seventh floor. The club lounge and a small fitness centre were situated on this pool deck. Advanced reservation for pool slots and fitness centre is recommended. As the fitness centre was small, only two guests were allowed inside at any one time and we were unable to make a reservation during our stay. A number of sun decks were scattered along the length of the pool and two cabanas were also available for use.

A beautiful infinity pool.

Dining Highlights

The in-house restaurant SE7ENTH was situated on the lobby level and we enjoyed a dinner and breakfast there. The restaurant was brightly lit and during our dinner, there were no other diners.

SE7ENTH at Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore.

Dinner at SE7ENTH

Dinner was served daily with a very good selection of western and asian dishes. Meat-free options were also available. We opted for their beef burger and curry cod fish and chips.

Dinner spread.

Although the cod fish was rather small, it was tasty and flavourful and we enjoyed it. The beef burger was also good and both mains came with fries and salad on the side. We redeemed our complimentary beverage coupons during our dinner as well.

Tasty and satisfying dinner.

Breakfast at SE7ENTH

Breakfast was available for dine-ins and takeaways and we observed that most guests chose the latter. The breakfast menu was fixed and each guest was entitled to either an American set, a Local set or a Continental set. Beverages were free-flow.

Breakfast spread and selections.

Upon being seated, we were presented with a pastry plate, fruit bowl and a salad bowl of small portions. Our beverage orders were also taken and they had fruit juices from the carton as well as coffee and tea. We opted for one local set and one American set and they turned out to be quite disappointing. The scrambled eggs were overcooked and poorly done while the fried rice was very bland.

An average breakfast.

Concluding remarks: We enjoyed our stay in this hotel-serviced apartment property particularly due to the homely touches of our guest room and the beautiful infinity pool. A further plus point was the dining credit that came together with our room package and we had opted to utilise it during dinner at SE7ENTH which we thoroughly enjoyed. A drawback would be the average breakfast but with promotional rates and inclusions, our stay here was value-for-money.


Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore


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